News from New Caledonia

Hi, adventure and steam lovers!

I have some news for you. The upcoming Obliterast adventure, Golbbefold Rex, is on its way, I’m currently sketching it. It will include political intrigue, adventure, courage, and tons and tons of fawrs! It will be something big, I promise.

By the way, to pay such a big number of fawr extras and actors, I have opened a Patreon page. What’s Patreon? Patreon it’s a page which allow you (the readers) support an author (like me), and in return you will get certain perks. For example, the patrons will see the pages I publish way before the other readers: in the case of Obliterast, it goes up till two weeks before the page is available to the general public, or two days (at least) in my other series, Historias de un friki con barbas. Also, there will be raffles, prints, exclusive illustrations, hi-res versions of my drawings without watermark, pdfs or books of my works, and much more.

I hope that you will like what you’ll see there.

And here, a little peek at something that will come up in my Patreon in a few days.

Greetings, and be careful with the fawr!

Nahum “Katakraos” Rivas

¡Hola, amantes de la aventura y el vapor!

Tengo noticias para vosotros. La próxima aventura de Obliterast, Golbbefold Rex, está de camino, estoy abocetándola estos días. Incluirá intriga política, aventura, valor, ¡y toneladas y toneladas de fawrs! Será algo grande, os lo prometo.

A propósito, para pagar tal número de extras y actores fawr, he abierto una página de Patreon. ¿Qué es Patreon? Patreon es una página que os permite a vosotros (los lectores) apoyar a un autor (como yo), y a cambio recibiréis ciertos beneficios adicionales. Por ejemplo, los mecenas verán las páginas que publique mucho antes que los otros lectores: en el caso de Obliterast, serán un par de semanas antes de que la página esté disponible para el público general, o dos días (por lo menos) en mi otra serie, Historias de un friki con barbas. Además, habrá sorteos, impresiones, ilustraciones exclusivas, versiones a alta resolución de mis dibujos sin marca de agua, pdfs o libros de mis trabajos, y mucho más.

Espero que os guste lo que encontraréis ahí.

Y aquí, un pequeño vistazo a algo que aparecerá en mi Patreon en unos pocos días.

¡Saludos, y cuidado con los fawr!

-Nahum “Katakraos” Rivas


Mookrus Garshak "Garruk"

This is Mookrus Garshak, also known as “Garruk”. A lowly criminal from the fringe of New Caledonia; a ruthless orc, known also as “Green” (Garruk in orcish tongue), who lives from spoils and robberies. He dreams of being something more, someone of note.

He is usually associated with very shady individuals, fawr, human, and other things alike, people who live amongst the worst of society. He himself is used to deal with nobility and manage their dirty affairs.

You will see Mookrus in the upcoming new Obliterast’s adventure: “Monsieur O.”

Éste es Mookrus Garshak, también conocido como “Garruk”. Un criminal de baja estofa de los suburbios de Nueva Caledonia; un orco despiadado, también conocido como “Verde” (“Garruk” en lengua orca), que vive de desechos y robos. Sueña con ser algo más, alguien importante.

Generalmente se asocia con individuos bastante turbios, fawr, humanos, y otras cosas por el estilo, gente que vive entre lo peor de la sociedad. Él mismo está habituado a tratar con la nobleza y ocuparse de sus asuntos sucios.

Podréis ver a  Mookrus en la próxima aventura de Obliterast: “Monsieur O.”


He stood there, under the rain, waiting for the thunder to explode. There was no way he could have prevented her to jump off the cliff, but still… he just felt empty, out of place. It took for him twenty minutes to stop staring the abyss. Another ten to start walking back to the city.

Hi! This was an illustration I made a bit in a Frank Miller style, to celebrate the end of the last chapter, The Hunter’s Fire (you can begin reading it HERE), and with which I awarded the people who had “flattred” me last month. Thanks for the help, pals!

Paint Tool SAI and Photoshop.

Se mantuvo allí, bajo la lluvia, esperando que estallara el trueno. No había manera en que pudiese haber evitado que ella saltara del acantilado, pero aún… simplemente se sentía vacío, fuera de lugar. Le tomó veinte minutos dejar de mirar al abismo. Otros diez para empezar a caminar de vuelta a la ciudad.

¡Hola! Esta fue una ilustración que hice un poco al estilo de Frank Miller, para celebrar el final del último episodio, El Fuego del Cazador (podéis empezar a leerlo AQUÍ), y con la que obsequié a la gente que me “flattreó” el mes pasado. ¡gracias por la ayuda, compañeros!

Paint Tool SAI y Photoshop.

1. In the sewers as in the towers 6

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End of the first chapter. The next week we’ll have a new story.

This has been a little prologue, something I initially drew to learn to move Jarmusch and see how was his world. I hope you liked it, although we have started a bit soft.

I have to thank The Inanimate for her help with the English version, she is solving a lot of my problems.

The next week we’ll begin with something with some more action: Don’t miss “The Destroyer”.


When I started to think about the world of Jarmusch Obliterast I knew a few things, and I had my share of unknown ones (and still I do). What did I knew?

-I had this character, a spymaster, a though guy, with a long dusty old coat.
-I wanted to make it in a steampunk setting, mixed with some elements from horror and fantasy stories.
-I wanted to tell his story in chapters or episodes of few comic pages. There would be a underlying plot joining loosely the differents installments, but each chapter would have to be able to be read and understood by a new reader with almost no previous explanation.
-Politics, intrigue, mysteries, adventures… there would be place for a wide range of stories to be told.
-I wanted to have fun with it.

Today, I’m going to center in the steampunk part of the equation. What means steampunk? As I was trying to undertand it, I wanted to go beyond the fancy clothes with gears and pilot-goggles. I wanted to know which was the essence of the steampunk, going back to its origins. As a literary movement, it owes a lot to the works of writers like Jules Verne and H. G. Wells. Science Fiction with a Victorian taste. That was OK, but I needed to deepen more, if I wanted my setting to work. The thing was that once you had left the stories and ideas bare-boned, you found yourself in a world where the concepts of the Classical Mechanics were still applied, no quantum physics. Yes to Newton and Tesla, nothing about Planck. That was something with what I could work.

This way, I decided to build up a world where all devices where still steam-based, a kind of Victorian Age, but not on Earth. A world where man had risen up as the dominant species, and other elder, wiser and more magical races (elves, dwarves, orcs, …) were in decline or dead long ago. I knew that I wanted magick to be something strange, uncommon to face, not unheard of, but dying as science took over the world. Keeping the basic ideas simple, playing with them, I hope to create a background where the sense of wonder, danger and excitement can take place.

It’s somenthing what I’ll accomplish, no matter how long it takes.

It’ll be a pleasure to share the journey with you, if this appeals to you. Our ship sets sail on the 5th of November.

See you on the other side of the page.